Montorfano Rosé Sec V.S.Q.

Montorfano Rosé Sec V.S.Q.

Grapes: Pinot bianco (85%) e Pinot nero (15%).

Production: advanced vintage at the end of August; the grapes are rigorously gathered by hand in small boxes containing less than 20 Kg each. Soft pressing of the grapes, within six hours after the harvesting. Slow primary fermentation at a controlled temperature to preserve the primary aromas. Foam formation and maturation on the yeasts according to the classic method of the "natural fermentation in the bottle", for at least 18 months.

Organoleptic characteristics: delicate pink colour. The taste is pleasant, round, long and persistent. On the nose you notice the scent of lysate, imprinted by the maturation on the yeasts, well balanced in the complex aromatic spectrum. When the wine is served in proper glasses, the perlage is intense, fine and persistent.

Food pairings: an excellent match with pasta and fish dishes, but also with white meats and fresh or medium-aged cheeses. Perfect to be enjoyed with desserts.

Serving temperature: 41-43 °F (5-6 °C).

Item code: 3032.


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